Can Llopart de les Alzines, an estate dating back to 1499, surrounded by the vines which produce our grapes, was the location chosen to build the Vins El Cep winery.

The Carreras, Esteve, Masana and Parera families had already forged links in past times, which went far beyond being good neighbours and friends. They all had long experience in agriculture and in their families’ winemaking tradition.

In 1980, we embarked on a project to produce wines and cavas that endeavour to represent the identity of our terroirs.

Nowadays, these lands are cultivated in line with the principles of organic and biodynamic wine growing, in which land, plants, animals and man work together to improve and preserve the ecosystem’s natural balance.


The 1970s saw the end of an era in the world of wine production: the production process was modernised, the cava sector experienced strong growth and the Penedès D.O. flourished. New times called for new practices. These new practices required new facilities. A new philosophy. And a new generation that must rise to the new challenges.

Gil Masana, Josep Carreras, Pere Parera and Josep Esteve are members of families with deep-rooted agricultural traditions. These neighbours and friends decided to become business partners. They therefore combined their forces, land and know-how in order to embark on a risky, yet exciting venture together.

In the 1980s, with clear ideas about what they wanted to achieve and the necessary drive, they founded Vins El Cep. The backbone of this project was, and always will be, these four friends who combined their passion, knowledge, and love for their land, and who have made the business what it is today. They had the grapes and over time they managed to refine both the vineyards and the winery, to obtain high-quality, expressive wines.


In 2015 we celebrated 35 years of history and this led to the creation of a new image represented by four seeds which sum up and symbolise Vins El Cep.